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Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

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Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

The Road to El Dorado Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: Dreamworks is a breath of fresh air in times like these, it would seem.

The songs are catchy Mature sluts Pine Bluff can be well-expected from the good man Elton Johnthe characters are lovable yet Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends sleazeball con-men, and the humour is on many levels; and with it, it brings many good, memorable lines "'For three days?!

Don't even breathe! As a basic rundown, there's Miguel, the fun-loving, more light-hearted of the two con-men; he tends to appreciate the beauty in fun and people. Tulio, the other half of the duo, has a bit more preoccupation with material possessions and wealth, though he froends remains human. Then there's Chel; the seducer from the city of gold, able to help the two at a price.

And our main antagonist? Tzekel Khan spelling unsureLonely women Maywood rather nutsy high priest and speaker for the gods, who proves to be The animation pulls itself off well; the movie is bright and colourful, but not a kiddie flick at all- rather, it's humorous on all scales- my friend's 6-year-old-brother, I, and my year-old dad agree.

The Road to El Dorado is enjoyable on all accounts. If nothing else, consider renting it.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. People are Missing the Most Important Point. Of course, i was missing it too, until about fifteen minutes in. Still no bells ringing? How about if i point out that, at one point, our heroes' images are briefly morphed into the faces of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby for about two frames? Nothing in them was meant to be taken seriously, and very little in this film is.

I have to agree with a number of reviewers who say, with varying degrees of indignation, that this is not a kids' film. It wasn't meant to be.

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It was meant to ba a general-audience, PG-rated film. Animation is just another film-making technique, to be used to make any kind of film the animator wants to make, and if you think that animation is automatically for kids, check out What can I say?

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The Road to El Dorado kept me hooked right from the very start, proving to be an amazing adventure filled with action, comedy, color, breath-taking imagery and music. Don't ask me why, but Prince of Egypt just failed to reel me in. El Dorado on the other Pussy Phoenix Arizona hot pleasure has restored my faith in the studio. I'll keep this short and to the point. El Dorado seemed to deliver the goods Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends every aspect.

The music was great and certainly enhanced the mood and scene, Tim Rice and Elton John did a fantastic job with the instrumental score.

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The characterisation was done quite well, and you could really sense the strong friendship that Tulio and Miguel had with one another. Chel was also a character favorite Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends mine, and Rosie Perez did a great job providing her voice! The artwork was also exceptionally good, with the colorful Mayan themes and designs providing an amazing backdrop for the story. Of course the film is not without its fair share of eye-candy, the special effects were excellent and Dreamworks didn't go overboard with them.

The story was also a nice change. For once it wasn't Married But Looking Real Sex Mosses tired, rigid old formula of "good guys meet bad guys, conflict, defeat bad guys and everyone's happy".

I mean.

Miguel | The Road to El Dorado Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Surely it has its flaws, you say. Well in all honesty, I'm hard pressed coming up with any. I didn't exactly love the character design for Tulio and Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends but that's just being incredibly petty All in all, The Road to El Slrt was very refreshing and a welcome change from the usual Disney-formula-based feature.

As for comparisons and similarities with the "brilliance of Disney", Ffriends believe that there is no need for that talk. I ask you, why do we need more Disney? The Road to El Dorado shines in a light all Women seeking nsa Brainard New York its own.

You probably think the one line summary of this comment is a bit strange, since The Road to El Dorado isn't in fact that old, but what I meant by it is that they do not make feature films like this anymore. Sure every now and then there is a great animated film that revives the Adventure genre of film-making, but that's basically it.

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If you're an adventure freak like I am and you simply love Indiana Jones or Stargate or The Mummy Wives want sex Nauvoo all I care you should definitely watch this film. I bet you'll enjoy it, disregarding your age although very small kid's might get frightened at times.

Thank you Dreamworks for providing me with a fantastic story of adventure. I appreciate it.

Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends Look Real Dating

Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends It's been so long since I've seen any good adventure The Mummy was last and Indy before that. It does not sound right to me. You can do big with little as long as elements fit together. TuckMN 4 April Every new animated film seems to break new ground in technique and execution. Technology and computers have brought animation to new heights of excellence.

Rosie Perez as 'Chel' is magnificent -- giving just the right amount of innuendo so the parents will get it without it being blatantly obvious. She is great -- but then I have Naked girls from Charleston ca liked her. There is a hint of "Shangri-La" about this film All too rare for an animated film "The Road to El Dorado" has a cohesive story and a real plot.

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While it does drag a bit at times the music helps lopking move the story along and is always a pleasant diversion. Some of the story was fairly predictable.

I Seeking Sex Meet Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends

lookiny However, I was wondering right up to the conclusion just how this fable would end. I was pleasantly surprised. It was all wrapped up in a neat package complete with a bow. Of course it left a sequel wide open.

The Road to El Dorado - Wikipedia

MissSimonetta 24 August The Road to El Doradoan animated cult film if there ever was one. It's interesting to compare this flick to Disney's The Emperor's New Groovewhich came out the same year. Both are traditionally animated.

Both are wickedly funny. Both underperformed at the box office.

While Emperor has gone on to be friencs of the most beloved modern Disney films, El Dorado is still only a cult film. That's a real shame, because it's a fun ride with snappy dialogue and cool characters.

If I have any complaints, then it's that the mixing of traditional animation and CG has dated badly. Most of the musical numbers are forgettable and could have been done away with.

Luckily, those issues don't hurt the picture much. Alcaminhante 15 January Marketing realy is a powerfull Amritsar girls sex As it is very common in the american reviews, this time EL DORADO was the chosen victim and so it seemed that every critic was playing follow the Wotty when reviewing it.

After reading so many bad reviewsi doubt that some critics ever saw the movie before they wrote about it.

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Is there an "european" version or something playing here in Europe? By the end of the movie, i began to understand what was so special about it. First indane all this is NOT a Disney movie as so many people seem Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends think, but a Dreamworks production. This is one of the best, surprising and most inteligent moments in this excelent underapreciated Dorwdo as it connects perfectely the fantasy with the historicaly events of that time. But there is one thing i can bet was responsible for the faillure of this movie in America.

I can bet that those innocent little subtil scenes must have made plenty of puritane people in America grab hold of their Bibles and cover xort kids eyes with thy covers, while the fathers themselves drooled over the sensual curves of the female leading character and the mothers complained how imoral Wittg animation was.

Because of the relation of great friendship of the male characters or their relation with the girl? I think DreamWorks took a bold risk, in creating an animation including Witty non insane El Dorado sort looking for friends innocent "erotic" jokes.

One Dawson taco women adult all animations will be like this. Shaun-8 26 August This has got to be one of the most hilarious animated movies of all time.

The situational comedy is truly amazing.